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Keep They Heads Ringing

August 19, 2008

If you watched any of the Team USA’s romping on the basketball court in Bejing, then theres a chance you noticed the similar headphones every player has draped around their neck.  The unofficial sponsor of blasting beats to these star’s heads is none other than the Doc himself.  Dre’s newest contribution to the music world is his new headphones system; Beats by Dre.  Dre’s mission is to create a state of the art system where the listener can enjoy studio monitor quality.

“When I’m making a track I’m trying to capture the sound that makes me go ‘now THAT’s the shit! And I want that reaction from everybody who hears it. I spend a lot of time in the studio listening to my music through headphones…with Beats, people are finally going to hear it the way they should: the way I do.”

As of now, the Beats will run you about $350-400 depending on where you buy them.  Not chump change at all for headphones.  I sure as hell appreciate my Bose over ear system and look forward to trying a new set thats supposed to blow any others away.  Wonder how Detox is gonna sound in these things.

Please, feel free to give any feedback if you use or hear anything about these Beats.

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Check out the official Beats by Dre

Superman aka Dwight Howard pre-blastoff


He’s still KB24

June 27, 2008


Yea the NBA Draft is on, yea he just lost in the NBA Finals, and yeah he just got publicly ripped by a microphone pheen of a Diesel.  Just wait till we get that pinky fixed.  We all know Kobe wasn’t trying to get a ring if he couldn’t even wear it yet.  Those rings are huge and would hurt the still injured pinky.  Good move by Kobe by waiting post-surgery until he needs to shine.  I mean he knows about having the MVP, most valuable pinky.  But seriously, I’m going to miss this silky smooth jumper this summer.  At least I have NBA 2K8 to ball out virtually. Oh yeah and Olympics.  Well heres KB24 at his finest.  Video courtesy of  This guys got some incredible mixes.  This ones called “Innate Ability III”