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EMI Signs New CEO

July 22, 2008

Guy Hands has chosen to step down into a non-executive role and appointed Elio Leoni-Sceti as the chief executive of its recorded music division.  Leoni-Sceti is most known for being a marketing genius behind numerous household cleaning brands.  Cleaning products and music?  Can it all become relevant? 

It seems they are turning consumer taste into a calculated science instead of looking for what peeople really want.  No easy task though.  KingsofA&R had to say:  “Go ahead and ask a consumer today what type of music they listen to and the response will be ‘EVERYTHING’. How do you quantify ‘EVERYTHING’? You can’t.”  True.

Its more non-music people trying to hard to force/formulate the issue rather than think instinctively.  As David Joesph, UK chief executive of Universal, says ” “If you sign quality, the commerce will follow.”