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Radiohead-Not For Profit

August 19, 2008

Whether you’ve been able to engage in the mystique that was Radiohead’s summer tour and want to relive that very night, or if you are just curious what they sound like live, then please check out Radiohead Not For Profit.  As of now, its up to date with audio from every show this summer, along with other notable live performances.  All downloads are free as the creators only ask you not to sell them for profit.  I just downloaded the infamous Bonnaroo 06′ set.  Find your show!


Trent Reznor’s L.A. Treasure Hunt

July 13, 2008

In preparation for the exclusive July 19th show in L.A., Trent Reznor sent fans on a treasure hunt  A couple of weeks ago, Reznor hosted a file on the NIN website that, once opened with Google Earth, showed tour locations with secret messages like “in a drain pipe.”  From there, motivated fans scoured L.A. for these secret locations, looking for envelopes which grated them guest passes to the show.  Read about one fanatic’s discovery here.