Trent Reznor’s L.A. Treasure Hunt

July 13, 2008

In preparation for the exclusive July 19th show in L.A., Trent Reznor sent fans on a treasure hunt  A couple of weeks ago, Reznor hosted a file on the NIN website that, once opened with Google Earth, showed tour locations with secret messages like “in a drain pipe.”  From there, motivated fans scoured L.A. for these secret locations, looking for envelopes which grated them guest passes to the show.  Read about one fanatic’s discovery here.



‘Lost’ Jimi Hendrix Album Discovered

July 9, 2008

Crazy news. New Jimi Hendrix?  Apparently an albums work of material was found amongst a stash of Stephen Still’s tapings from the 70’s.  Really hoping this ends up being released.  How sick would some new Jimi be.  I remember in middle school getting my first dose of Jimi when my dad would play ‘Voodoo Chile’ in the car on the way to basketball.  I really didn’t get it back then, but now those beautiful distinctive guitar lines from All Along the Watchtower stick out in my head perfectly.  Some of the best moments in music.  We used to cover ‘Castles Made of Sand’ and ‘All Along the Watchtower’ back in the day with 8th Street.  Those jams were definitely some of our loudest moments. good times

Pitching S.Jobs

July 8, 2008


Recently Doug Fields, Segway’s chief technology officer, left the company for Apple. I wasn’t incredibly interested until I saw Job’s reactions to a previous pitch for the new Ginger in 2003. Jeff Bezos, creator of Amazon, was also in attendance and offers good stuff with initial marketing ideas. Jobs starts doing a number on the lack of innovation Segway was working with. The best was when Jobs proclaims design teams that could “doing things that would make you shit your pants.” Just think its cool to see the kind of things people like them talk about during these discussions.


June 27, 2008

So soon. I’ll have to stick it out with some curb and arrested development for the meanwhile.

He’s still KB24

June 27, 2008


Yea the NBA Draft is on, yea he just lost in the NBA Finals, and yeah he just got publicly ripped by a microphone pheen of a Diesel.  Just wait till we get that pinky fixed.  We all know Kobe wasn’t trying to get a ring if he couldn’t even wear it yet.  Those rings are huge and would hurt the still injured pinky.  Good move by Kobe by waiting post-surgery until he needs to shine.  I mean he knows about having the MVP, most valuable pinky.  But seriously, I’m going to miss this silky smooth jumper this summer.  At least I have NBA 2K8 to ball out virtually. Oh yeah and Olympics.  Well heres KB24 at his finest.  Video courtesy of  This guys got some incredible mixes.  This ones called “Innate Ability III”

Radiohead From the Basement

June 27, 2008

Let it be known: Radiohead is the greatest.  They’ve managed to take up a substantial portion of my life and money; and right now life is good.  Radiohead’s performance of the MTVHD broadcast “From the Basement” is now available exclusively on iTunes.  They played most of In Rainbows (no jigsaw?) and some Hail to the Thief tracks, but you can only buy the songs off In Rainbows. The videos look and sound amazing so check them out.  Much more on this God’s gift of a band to come..

Blu and Exile : Below the Heavens

June 26, 2008


Excuse my lateness but…I stumbled upon this album while looking for some similar artists of one of my favorite rap duo’s of all time, Little Brother.  After reading a solid HipHopDX review I decided I had to check it out.  This is my new dude.  Blu’s flow, a combination of smooth/constant delivery and melodic chemistry, and Exile’s soulful production is on point.  Check out the track Dancing in the Rain.  

I got in my car and bumping the second it came on.  The LA mc rips through verses about his life and what he feels around him.  The subject matter is something only tight flow could flourish under.  It reminds me of Illmatic (good company) in the way Blu’s lyrics are like he is talking to you, not stuff crazy abstract or anything.  I like that it doesn’t get to complicated, which is the only problem I have listening to Lupe sometimes.  Overall a sign that proves indie hip-hop is still alive and well.