BestBuy to Stock Unsigned Bands

BestBuy wants in the local scene by stocking local bands in store and online.  Good opportunity?  Usually these bands find prospers by having a relationship with the local indie stores, and its the smaller act fans that drive the local store.  I could be wrong, but these bands are going to do sales at the local store, their own website, and their shows.  Don’t expect having your album to blow up stocked within the thousands of artist amongst genres at BestBuy.  Look at the criteria to be stocked. “Approved artists are considered based on Myspace/Facebook page, fan base, and local performances, and will be paid for every CD sold.”  Myspace friends?  Yeah, because especially now Myspace friends is a great indicator.

And BestBuy will put their prices well below list (they want you to buy a fridge, fresh greens), a tactic local record stores can’t compete with.  Is price even huge deal for people looking for these types of artists? Not really, these fans like the feeling and service of the local store.  Could this potentially be a threat to the future business of indie stores?  I don’t see it.

I’m not saying its going to hurt you to do this, so here if you want to submit your music to Best Buy.


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