‘Lost’ Jimi Hendrix Album Discovered

Crazy news. New Jimi Hendrix?  Apparently an albums work of material was found amongst a stash of Stephen Still’s tapings from the 70’s.  Really hoping this ends up being released.  How sick would some new Jimi be.  I remember in middle school getting my first dose of Jimi when my dad would play ‘Voodoo Chile’ in the car on the way to basketball.  I really didn’t get it back then, but now those beautiful distinctive guitar lines from All Along the Watchtower stick out in my head perfectly.  Some of the best moments in music.  We used to cover ‘Castles Made of Sand’ and ‘All Along the Watchtower’ back in the day with 8th Street.  Those jams were definitely some of our loudest moments. good times


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