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EMI Signs New CEO

July 22, 2008

Guy Hands has chosen to step down into a non-executive role and appointed Elio Leoni-Sceti as the chief executive of its recorded music division.  Leoni-Sceti is most known for being a marketing genius behind numerous household cleaning brands.  Cleaning products and music?  Can it all become relevant? 

It seems they are turning consumer taste into a calculated science instead of looking for what peeople really want.  No easy task though.  KingsofA&R had to say:  “Go ahead and ask a consumer today what type of music they listen to and the response will be ‘EVERYTHING’. How do you quantify ‘EVERYTHING’? You can’t.”  True.

Its more non-music people trying to hard to force/formulate the issue rather than think instinctively.  As David Joesph, UK chief executive of Universal, says ” “If you sign quality, the commerce will follow.”


BestBuy to Stock Unsigned Bands

July 20, 2008

BestBuy wants in the local scene by stocking local bands in store and online.  Good opportunity?  Usually these bands find prospers by having a relationship with the local indie stores, and its the smaller act fans that drive the local store.  I could be wrong, but these bands are going to do sales at the local store, their own website, and their shows.  Don’t expect having your album to blow up stocked within the thousands of artist amongst genres at BestBuy.  Look at the criteria to be stocked. “Approved artists are considered based on Myspace/Facebook page, fan base, and local performances, and will be paid for every CD sold.”  Myspace friends?  Yeah, because especially now Myspace friends is a great indicator.

And BestBuy will put their prices well below list (they want you to buy a fridge, fresh greens), a tactic local record stores can’t compete with.  Is price even huge deal for people looking for these types of artists? Not really, these fans like the feeling and service of the local store.  Could this potentially be a threat to the future business of indie stores?  I don’t see it.

I’m not saying its going to hurt you to do this, so here if you want to submit your music to Best Buy.

He’s Back

July 20, 2008

Mr. Shady is finally back in the studio and theres no telling what dudes cooking up.  Forget Encore and all the most recent stuff Ems done.  Go listen to Infinite (1995) and see why Dre pulled this cat out and knew the man on another level.  

I used to be heavy into Slim getting any track I could get my hands on.  This is why it upsets me so much when he releases albums that have tracks like “Ass Like That” and “Just Lose It.”  For a fan like me its redemption time.  

Shit, Infinite is up in the Bgsounds top 10 for sure any day.  I want Em back attacking the mic.  His vengeance is what drives his knife-like flow.

Heres some tracks, quality not so good sorry its the only stuff i could get at the moment.



Radiohead – House of Cards

July 15, 2008

The video for Radiohead’s House Of Cards has just been released on the web. The video, the making of the video are now live and you can explore data visualization through a 3D viewer and use your mouse to further manipulate the data and create your own visualizations.

No cameras or lights were used. Instead, 3D plotting technologies collected information about the shapes and relative distances of objects. The video was created entirely with visualizations of that data. Wild stuff

Download the data and instructions on how to create your own visualizations. If you manage to create a data visualization that you’d wish to share, the band would love to see it. You can share your videos on the House of Cards YouTube group.


Making of:

Radiohead Vinyl Reissues Coming Soon

July 13, 2008

Capitol/EMI plans to reissue Radiohead’s albums on vinyl.  OK Computer, Kid A, Amnesiac, and Hail to the Thief are going to come out August 19, followed by the Pablo Honey and The Bends shortly after.

Could be a dumb move on my part I don’t care, but I’d really like to have at least OKC just for collection purposes.  Gotta do some research before buying record player.  I’ll still buy the record without a player.  Awhile back on the Atease message board, someone uploaded a vinyl rip every album.  Sounds amazing.

I’m sure more than enough Radiohead fans will feel a need to buy this.  Of course some people are bitching about EMI being an evil corporation and the band not benefiting.  Radiohead realized what was up so they rolled out.  Yeah they rightly should have control of their past music, but as of now we have other ways to support them.

Deconstructing Illmatic

July 13, 2008

Whether your a fan of the album or hip-hip in general, heres a great post that analyzes the hip-hop classic track by track.  Being a hip-hop nerd I love looking deep into the samples that are used and thought process behind the album from producers.  Check out DJ Premier after hearing the Pete Rock produced “The World is Yours”

“Apparently when Premier listened to Pete Rock’s lone contribution to Illmatic, he went back to the lab, scrapped what he already had and started over. Whether this is true or not is open to debate, but it is a pleasingly romantic vision of the creative process that went into the construction of the album and a tale that confirms what you already know”

It’d be really cool to do this with more hip-hop albums.  Maybe Ready to Die or Midnight Marauders?  Thanks Dan Love, cool shit

The Visualiza

July 13, 2008

Originally I was going to review Nas’ new Unititled but then realized there would be 3453543 others doing the same, so I wanted to go another direction. Listening to the new album put another MC into my head. Nas’ Firm counterpart, the smooth multi-syllable quick-tonuged Anthony Cruz. Or as the world knows him, AZ. The only rapper to feature on the greatest hip-hop album of all time, where he delivered one of hip-hops greatest verses ever.

He flown pretty much under the radar his entire career but adored by hip-hop heads and brought up in many discussions as even better than Nas. My dream is to have a full AZ/Nas album all produced by DJ Premier. It’s too bad this probably won’t happen but you can dream you know.

Rather Unique (Prodcued by Pete Rock) Doe or Die, 1995

Fan Mail, Aziatic 2002

Time (ft. Nas and Nature) Decade, 2004

Make Me (ft. Fresh, this dudes verses are tight) The Format, 2006

Unfortunately not too much of his older songs can be streamed on full. BUT DO check out the AZ/Nas collabo “Gimme Yours”, sick shit. Heres a sample.

Check this dude and see why he is blasted arguably the most underrated rapper of all time.

Trent Reznor’s L.A. Treasure Hunt

July 13, 2008

In preparation for the exclusive July 19th show in L.A., Trent Reznor sent fans on a treasure hunt  A couple of weeks ago, Reznor hosted a file on the NIN website that, once opened with Google Earth, showed tour locations with secret messages like “in a drain pipe.”  From there, motivated fans scoured L.A. for these secret locations, looking for envelopes which grated them guest passes to the show.  Read about one fanatic’s discovery here.


‘Lost’ Jimi Hendrix Album Discovered

July 9, 2008

Crazy news. New Jimi Hendrix?  Apparently an albums work of material was found amongst a stash of Stephen Still’s tapings from the 70’s.  Really hoping this ends up being released.  How sick would some new Jimi be.  I remember in middle school getting my first dose of Jimi when my dad would play ‘Voodoo Chile’ in the car on the way to basketball.  I really didn’t get it back then, but now those beautiful distinctive guitar lines from All Along the Watchtower stick out in my head perfectly.  Some of the best moments in music.  We used to cover ‘Castles Made of Sand’ and ‘All Along the Watchtower’ back in the day with 8th Street.  Those jams were definitely some of our loudest moments. good times

Pitching S.Jobs

July 8, 2008


Recently Doug Fields, Segway’s chief technology officer, left the company for Apple. I wasn’t incredibly interested until I saw Job’s reactions to a previous pitch for the new Ginger in 2003. Jeff Bezos, creator of Amazon, was also in attendance and offers good stuff with initial marketing ideas. Jobs starts doing a number on the lack of innovation Segway was working with. The best was when Jobs proclaims design teams that could “doing things that would make you shit your pants.” Just think its cool to see the kind of things people like them talk about during these discussions.